Nilofar Attahi  is 24; an Afghani-Dutch creative. Based near Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Nilo is a  creative, upcoming (art) director, strategist, photographer, film maker. Working across fashion, art and the design industry under the name Nilo :). Over the recent years, she has developed a distinctive style and creative vision that blends contemporary art, culture and humor ︎



Nilofar Attahi.
27-01-1997, 24 years old.
Dutch Nationality.
Born in Herat, Afghanistan.

2021 - 2022 Freelance Creative Strategist and Researcher - RECENT, Amsterdam.
2021 - 2022 Freelance Creative Strategist - Something Special Studios (remote).
2021 Junior Creative @, Amsterdam Milano.
2021 Creative Director @ Yazija, Amsterdam.
2020 BA in International Fashion Textille Technologies: Branding.
2020 Graduation Project for Artifact/ Slam Jam (7 months).
2019 Freelance Creative Strategist, WPME (3 months).
2019 Internship @ Slam Jam, Ferrara/Milano (6 months).
2018 - 2019 Specialisation iNDiViDUALS Digital Creative @ AMFI.
2018 Minor Virtual Reality @ University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam (6 months).
2015 P. in International Lifestyle Studies - trendwatching and forecasting. (12 months).
2015 - 2021 Freelancing art/creative dir. photo & film etc.

Mid-Level adobe Creative Cloud. 
Speak and write fluent English, Dutch and basic Farsi.  



Currently active in sectors such as film, marketing communication, brand advertising and consultancy.

  • Analyze social, cultural and economic developments and explicate them for a sustainable (fashion) industry.
  • Use the appropriate research techniques and the needed intuition to observe and to spot future lifestyles and trends.
  • Develop brand and communication strategies based on human behaviour and lifestyle.
  • Create and visualise a fashion concept and develop / design an identity for a fashion brand.
  • Create / new (fashion brand) concepts and develop strategies to promote them.
  • Understand and use a variety of contemporary media to communicate brand identities.
  • Translate the ‘zeitgeist’ into realistic campaigns.
  • Implement and realize a concept and instruct a team; provide a team with creative coherence and direction.
  • Operate as the link between client, designer and producer.
  • Manage the actualisation and communication of concepts.
  • Keep watch over the entire branding production process from strategy to execution.
  • Operate in an international context.
  • Translating visuals in the form of Photography/ Film /Graphic Design or all.