Hey there,

My name is Nilofar; but you can call me Nilo. ︎
Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I just graduated a couple of months ago (BA) and I’ve been trying to navigate my way through this pandemic as a post-grad.

I’ve come to terms that I want to refine my ‘taste’ more and become more of a professional, + work more on an international level. I feel like there is a lot I still don’t know. Best way I learn is ‘on the job’ ofcourse. 

I’m really into approaching projects like concepts; what’s the purpose, vision - and how can I translate it visually/physically in a way that evokes emotion or activates an individual through a ‘human’ lens. I naturally connect dots; see what others do not see yet. I often question what has been done and how I can twist it into something of my/our own,- even, original.

Somewhat of a dramatic storyteller in that sense.  But a storyteller for the people. My drive, inspiration and passion comes from my Afghani / Dutch background.
I’ve got my feet into a lot of ‘worlds’ and feel like I’m missing a lot of it’s input. That’s where I often come in. 

I feel like I could add value and purpose into new projects, perhaps even get more interesting collaborations/clients on board that reflect the times we live in. 

At the end of the day, I’d love to first of all just learn and assist.  

Thank you, 


︎︎︎ Some useful bullet points about me:

Currently active in sectors such as retail design, marketing communication, branding agencies +
Associated fields, including brand advertising and brand consultancy agencies and photographing
or filmmaking / music industry - depends on the client/project and what is asked.

  • Analyze social, cultural and economic developments and explicate them for a sustainable fashion industry;
  • Use the appropriate research techniques and the needed intuition to observe and to spot future lifestyles and trends;
  • Develop brand and communication strategies based on human behaviour and lifestyle;
  • Create and visualise a fashion concept and develop / design an identity for a fashion brand; 
  • Create / new (fashion brand) concepts and develop strategies to promote them; 
  • Understand and use a variety of contemporary media to communicate brand identities;
  • Translate the ‘zeitgeist’ into realistic campaigns.
  • Implement and realize a concept and instruct a team; provide a team with creative coherence and direction;
  • Operate as the link between client, designer and producer;
  • Manage the actualisation and communication of concepts;
  • Keep watch over the entire branding production process from strategy to execution;
  • Operate in an international context.
  • Translating visuals in the form of Photography/ Film / Graphic Design or all.