By AlienMag

Since 2018 Alien Mag has been challenging its audience to look differently towards existing beauty ideals and standards. Through interviews, articles, talks and brainstorms; we offer women tools for selfacceptance - and push upcoming female talent. Progressing creativity has always been a key factor for Alien Mag. This campaign, ‘The Standard’ will be a manifestation of these key factors.

︎︎︎CONCEPT CAMPAIGN (in a nutshell)
As creativity does not age — Alien Mag will create ‘covers’ of ‘upcoming’ creatives.

Upcoming does not always mean young.  It’s about putting the creativity and hustle on the map, no matter age, background etc.
Example: Maria started out as a accountant, yet in her late 30s she dived into fine art.
Creativity does not age.

The Standard. Not a ‘new’ standard, not a ‘diverse’ standard, not a ‘womans’ standard. Showcasing what already is,
our standard, Rotterdams’ standard. Each ‘month’ highlights a new cover, new person.

*Creating in 2020, launching in 2021.
Currently in the start phase of getting funded for the project from (gemeente) Rotterdam. TBA.

Elieve Music.